In food industry, %90 of all contaminants appear during production and packaging process.

In factories, cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection applications are being made up to consideration of reproduction of virus, bacterias and microorganisms in these production areas.


As traditional method, sanitizing process is being made in 4 steps, which are water and detergent cleaning, sanitizing with chemicals, rinse and drying. This traditional method requires too much time and it causes to stop production process. For this reason and as it’s nature traditional method costs too much money for food factories.


With steam cleaning, as new and highly economic method, you don’t consume time or money thanks to dry-steam technology. Steam cleaning is faster, more hygienic, and far more economic than any other cleaning method.


Our steam cleaners can be used in;

  • Biscuit, cookie, cracker factories,
  • Pasta factories,
  • Milk and milk based product factories
  • Spice packaging factories
  • Candy factories
  • Slaughter Houses
  • Meat Factories
  • Cold Chain Warehouses
  • Conveyors
  • Air Condition Channels
  • Control Panels and Electronic Cards
  • Disinfection of Mixers
  • Freezers and Frigo Truck Cleaning
  • All Wet Surfaces in Production Areas