This article focuses on how eco-friendly steam cleaning can be used instead of traditional cleaning methods.

70% of the earth is covered with water. Only %30 of earth consist of lands and significant part of it is covered with glaciers. It is obvious to say that our earth has been builded on the water.

Water has amazing circle in it. With the impact of sunlight and temperature, water starts it’s journey by being evaporated into the sky and some of them gathering to create clouds in the sky, for what? This journey has quite important purpose. Although 70% of the earth is covered with water, land contains 75% of the living creatures on earth. Water is needed for these creatures, plants and animals to live. This amazing journey carries the water which all creatures need to live. Clouds over the lands create rain and snow and they feed lands in miraculously.

Steam Cleaning and Ionized Steam

We, who live on land, send the waters into the lakes, seas and oceans and pollute them continuously. The water coming from the seas returns to the sea again, but the seas can supply distilled water after completing evopation process.

We are witnessing a truly miraculous journey. Except for distilled water, there is no water which can be called as pure water. The easiest way to obtain sterile and pure water is to first evaporate the water first and then condense it again.

So, the way to get clean water and the secret of cleaning is written in the book of nature. It is only matter of how to read this book and how to apply our lives the rules in that book. Let’s start reading this book after this small introduction.

Firstly, What do we want to do? To provide cleaning and hygiene, right? Let’s move on the path that nature shows us.

Let’s start reading this book after this small introduction.

Steam Cleaning and Ionizing Steam
Steam Cleaning and Ionized Steam

Firstly, What do we want to do? To provide cleaning and hygiene, right? Let’s move on the path that nature shows us.

Superheated steam is the highest level of hygiene. The steam which has 100 degrees or above has the highest level of hygiene. Superheated steam certainly does not contain any foreign matter. At such high temperature, no creature can live or no virus keep it’s productivity. The more vital water is for living things, the more destructive it is to steam.

Is “Superheated Steam” enough for a good cleaning? Yes, the hot steam provides hygiene in itself, but the steam must also be ionized for a good cleaning.

What is Ionized Steam? What are the benefits of Ionized Steam?

Ionized steam means that the steam which has gained detergent feature and prupose. Ionized steam bonds with dirts and tears the dirt off the surface it is attached to.

For example: Bring a dirty shirt, especially the dirt and collar, where the dirt is dense, first apply ionized steam and then wash it with clean water. You will witness a miraculous look. You are going to have a shirt that is cleaned with a detergent and then got rinsed.

But there is a difference, comparing to steam cleaning, on the detergent cleaning method no matter how much you rinse the laundry after washing it with detergent, some detergent will remain on the laundry. Yes, still you will get hygiene at the end of this cleaning. You can also have a cleaned shirt or good look. But it is not possible to get rid of detergent residues and you now have a shirt that will get dirty faster. Residual detergents will bond faster with dirt, and your laundry that you wash diligently will get dirty faster.

New Technology Steam Washing Machines

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. There are washing machines that are operated with steam, although not yet sold in high numbers. These machines either clean completely using steam or use very little detergents that do not bond with the laundry. If the detergent does not affect the lobby this invention, “Steam Cleaning Machines” will be definitely future of cleaning.

What I described in the upper paragraphs explains why a newly bought and unwashed shirt was dirty late, and why a washed shirt got dirty more quickly..

So is that all? Of course not. Consider the waste that occurs during the production of detergents. Consider wastewater and detergents that mix into streams and seas. Consider the detergents that remain attached to the laundry and are in contact with our body, causing allergies and itching. When nature shows us a way to put an end to all this, where can we get back to nature and continue to pollute it?

Here is some inventions that are listed below from “Steam Washing Machine” ads.

“Steam Care for Babies’’

Deep Cleaning for Baby Clothes.

‘’After washing your baby’s clothes, you don’t want stains to remain. The application of intense steam heat provides effective pre-treatment of stains or dirt before washing. ”

“Steam Refresh’’

Eliminates wrinkles and odors within 20 minutes.

‘’True Steam Refresh’’ removes wrinkles and odors from delicate clothes in just 20 minutes, using steam power for deeper cleaning. ”

“Steam Softener’’

Soften Your Clothes With Pure Water.

True Steam is skin-friendly with pure and natural steam instead of chemical softeners to soften clothes. After softening with steam, you can see the difference in fabric texture. ”

Yes, these are the paragraphs quoted by the copy-paste method from the advertisement of a leading washing machine manufacturer in the world. It shows how much importance the whole world places on “Steam Cleaning”. We leave the decision to you. Today or in the near future, yo need to choose using steam cleaning to protect your health and environment.