Professional cleaning and disinfection of crowded areas can be done easily by steam cleaning. Public areas which are open to public usage can be described as high-density crowds and it keeps high risk for reproduction of viruses, bacterias and microorganisms. Thanks to high pressured steam cleaning, these areas can be sanitized efficiently and properly.

It is not possible to perform perfect cleaning that requires specific and detailed maintenance in various areas such as crowded areas of educational institutions (classes, desks, tables, floors, stairs, toilets) and sports centers (dressing rooms, pools, training halls, equipment), saunas.

Steam Cleaning in Education and Sports Institutions

Thanks to the steam cleaning system that eliminates chemical detergents and excessive water consumption, the perfect cleaning and detailed hygiene you need is possible without harming natural resources and the environment.

Steam Cleaning in Education and Sports Institutions

• Schools, universities

• Nurseries

• Gyms

• Training halls

• Sauna and baths

• Swimming pools

• Maintenance, general cleaning of ventilation ducts and machines

• Sanitation of plastic and metal surfaces

• Cleaning of solid parquet surfaces in sports halls

• Disinfection of swimming pool edges

• Cleaning of pool filters, grills and strainers

• Bathroom and toilet cleaning