Steam cleaning is a cleaning method which is far more efficient, reliable and most importantly more hygienic than any other existed cleaning methods.

Why Steam Cleaning?

With steam cleaning, you can clean whatever and wherever you want on fastest and healthiest way. As basic logic, steam cleaning based on converting the water into the steam 160 degree Celcius and it supplies great power to solve any kind of dirt on any surface. Steam Cleaning is the healthiest cleaning method since it doesn’t require any detergent or other chemicals. And because the main cleaning material is water, it is the most economic cleaning way for your environment.

With steam cleaning, you can clean all wet surfaces in your place, such as kitchen, toilets, bathroom. Additionally, it is available and quite efficient for carpets, tiles, parquets, walls, glasses, jointings, radiators, sofas, pillows, beds and other surfaces which you can’t reach with hand cleaning.

Steam cleaning is also one of the efficient disinfection method for killing viruses, bacteries and harmful microorganisms. Any kind of virus can’t resist the ionized vapor which is pressured over 8 bars and also heat moist air is the most harmful environment for virus, bacteria and microorganisms. Therefore, referring to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) steam sterilization is one of the most efficient method for destroying all kind of viruses.

Steam Cleaning is;

  • Healthy: You can avoid from all kind of allergens, detergents and chemicals which are harmful for skin and body.
  • Anti-Bacterial: Thanks to high pressure and temperature of dry steam, you can destroy all of viruses, bacterias and microorganisms up to %99,9.
  • Fast: You can make your long-lasted routine cleaning within very short time.
  • Body Friendly: You can finish your cleaning without putting too much effort on it.
  • Economic: There is no detergent or other chemical expenses.
  • Efficient: You can clean the places which you can’t reach with your hands.