Steam Cleaning in Transportation and Travel Organisations

Steam cleaning is one of the most efficient method for cleaning the dirt, stain, residue, pathogen and parasites during the cleaning of vehicles, waiting lounges and storage areas used in the Passenger Transportation and Travel Organizations sector.

Since the steam cleaning environments dry up after minutes, they can be used immediately.

The rich range of accessories ensures that you get the best results in the required application areas of steam cleaning machines, so the cleaning machine operator can easily complete the job in the shortest possible time.

The parasites emitted by using common means of transportation such as lice, ticks and fleas become ineffective thanks to the high temperature dry steam.

• Freight companies

• Contracting firms specialized in aircraft, ship, bus and train cleaning

• Live animal transportation companies

Cleaning of odor residues in fabric, textile, leather, vinyl upholstery of aircraft, bus, ship, train and other transportation vehicles

• Complete removal of various pathogens and parasites such as bacteria, germs, viruses and fungi

• Sanitation of the seats, floors and toilets

• Hygienic cleaning of frigo cold chain transportation vehicles