Hygiene is the most important measurement method of holiday facility’s quality.

Since there is serious circulation of people in these kind of places, rooms and public areas must be sanitized all the time and there shouldn’t be any bacteria, microorganisms etc.

In hotels, generally after check out of the guest, there is big time consuming for cleaning rooms because of waiting time to make dried wet areas in the room.

Our Steam cleaning machines can solve this problem thanks to power of dry-steam. Without using any chemicals & detergents, you can supply highest customer satisfaction by using steam cleaning.


Our steam cleaner can be used in;


  • Hotels
  • Conference Rooms & Halls
  • Resorts
  • Apart Hotels
  • Wet Surface Cleaning(Bathroom, kitchen etc)
  • Wooden parquet cleaning
  • Beds, pillows, sofas, chairs and carpets
  • Accessories in Kitchen and Bathrooms

Elevators, Air conditions, Windows, Mirrors