Steam cleaning is the revolutionary ecological car wash system for carwashers.

Technology that makes thorough detail cleaning in cars and hygienically clean interiors. Steam car wash and detail cleaning; is a new environmentally friendly car wash system that protects water.

• Steam Cleaning Advantages in Auto Hairdressers

Deep cleaning

• It provides a precise solution for painted surfaces, wheels and wheels, glasses and plastic-leather interiors, upholstery and mats.

• It provides removal of bad odors and hygiene without using chemicals.

• It purifies from the mites and germs living in the car floor fillings.

• Upholstery and mats dry in seconds.

• It easily penetrates and cleans invisible corners and edges.

• It cleans the oil and grease residues that are difficult to clean in the engine compartment.

• Provides a brighter post-polish look.

Safe and user friendly vehicle cleaning system

While steam cleaning applications are far from chemical contaminants and considered within the scope of work safety, it is one of the safest cleaning methods in terms of worker health, and it provides efficiency and operational gain in your business by minimizing the time spent during vehicle detail cleaning with ease of operation and traditional cleaning methods.

If the steam is used correctly, it does not harm vehicle paints.

The steam temperature changes as you can see in the diagram below, in proportion to the distance of the steam gun to the painted surface.

Vehicle paints are designed to provide extreme heat and high resistance to cold.

Ecological Water Saving System

During steam cleaning, a maximum of 2 liters of water is consumed during the cleaning of a vehicle.

You do not need to use chemicals other than special applications.

Thanks to the double boiler system in steam cleaning machines, you can continue your steam cleaning by constantly adding water to your work without interruption.

Car wash & detail cleaning companies

• Vehicle galleries

• Fleet rental companies

• Rent a car companies

• Gas stations

• Vehicle maintenance and repair stations