Steam Cleaning in Spas & Beauty Parlors

Beauty salons and spas are environments with heat and intense humidity used to make dozens of personal care every day. Hot and humid environments provide the most favorable conditions for bacteria and mold reproduction.

Especially the use of edges and corners, which cannot be reached among traditional cleaning methods, is used, which is harmful and also uncomfortable for general health control.

In a regular high-temperature dry steam cleaning environment, the formation of mold, which is also a serious allergen, is prevented.

Spa & Masaj Salonları Buharlı Temizlik

Steam Cleaning in Spas & Beauty Parlors

Detergent packaging, bacteria and molds, steam cleaning machines, industrial brushes, which are formed in tiles, and joint fillers that hold them together.

Economic harms and operating cost loading of chemicals used to provide hygiene and necessary cleaning in spa and massage salons should be taken into consideration. Steam cleaning systems are used in the environment and in the economy of operating costs.

Steam Cleaning can be used in;

• Beauty parlors

• hot springs

• Saunas

• Turkish baths

• Hot Spring

• Sanitation against bacteria, fungi and viruses

• Skin contact said disinfection on surfaces

• Glass, mirror and parquet cleaning

• Sanitation of sauna, Turkish bath, water massage, massage salons and beauty salons

• General cleaning and sanitation of changing rooms, swimming pool edges, showers, changing rooms

• armchairs and chairs covered with downy fabrics, cleaning of carpets and rugs, purification of odors